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Customers Beware: If seeking price and availability for new units or for repairs and calibration through another website or company, ensure for your own benefit that you are dealing with an authorised agent or licensed manufacturer who is able to offer genuine parts and service for the Clegg Impact Soil Tester. (And, if they are using the name "Clegg" in conjunction with the Impact Soil Tester in any manner without our permission, please let us know. Thank you.)



Be aware of something called "the Real Impact Value". We have seen claims on websites stating that it is "exactly the same as Clegg Impact Value". We have had the occasion now to look at two different instruments by the same manufacturer for which this claim is made and are able to say because of this that the Real Impact Value is nothing like the Clegg Impact Value, the latter, i.e. the Clegg Impact Value, being the subject of US ASTM and Australian standards (and therefore the former, i.e. the Real Impact Value, doesn't meet these standards). It appears that the two agree at a single point on their scales, with the Real Impact Value being higher than it should be below that point and lower than it should be above that point - and quite significantly so. Additionally, it is impossible to pick exactly where that point of agreement is because the Real Impact Value gives the same exact response below and above that one point on the Clegg Impact Value scale to some extent or other because the so-called Real Impact Value is so insensitive to changes in hardness that it really should relate, especially for those testing to specifications for the Clegg Impact Value. Therefore, don’t be fooled and question any data that claims to be "the Impact Value" or "Clegg Impact Value" because, if it is instead "the Real Impact Value", it is invalid for use against criteria set for the Clegg Impact Value or for correlations that have been developed for CBR, etc., using the Clegg Impact Value, i.e. the “real deal.”



(Posted 12 September 2011)

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