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                          Standard Hammer Light Clegg Hammer

The 0.5 kg "Light" Clegg Hammer was developed for testing of softer materials such as turf or sand. (The reduction in mass provides greater sensitivity of the output.) The Light Clegg Hammer is the same diameter as the Standard Clegg Hammer and so the guide tube and Australian shipping case are also of the same design. The combined shipping weight is around 10 kg. The Light Clegg Hammer is raised by means of coaxial signal cable instead of the T-handle used on the Standard or other Hammers. Its standard drop-height is 30 cm and Australian supplied models come with a spacer that is located in the top of the guide tube to facilitate raising the hammer to a set height. Notation for the Light Clegg Hammer’s output at the fourth drop is known as CIV/L for "Light Clegg Impact Value" when dropped from its standard height of 30 cm, where the output is in Clegg units, i.e. where 1 Clegg unit equals 10 gravity units with the resulting decimal fraction truncated.



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