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The following list of items regarding the Clegg Impact Soil Tester were written or co-authored by Dr. Clegg. A copy of each is held in our library. If needed, copies may be obtained from us though a fee to cover photocopying and postage may be required, especially if a request is for a large number of items and/or a few lengthy items. Newsletters 2, 3, 14,15,16 and 18 appear elsewhere in full on this website.

(Newsletter No. 8 contains a longer reference list of Papers, Reports, Theses, Newsletters, etc., pertaining to or including in some way the Clegg Impact Soil Tester and/or Clegg Impact Value. Copies or abstracts of items on this reference list may also be made available.


CLEGG,B., 1976, An Impact Testing Device for In Situ Base Course Evaluation. Proc 8th ARRB Conf 8 (8), pp 1-6, Perth, Australia. (6 pages)

CLEGG,B., 1978, An Impact Soil Test for Low Cost Roads. Proc 2nd Conf Road Eng Assoc of Asia & Aust, pp 58-65, Manilla, Philippines. (8 pages)

CLEGG,B., 1980, An Impact Soil Test as Alternative to California Bearing Ratio. 3rd ANZ Geomechanics Conf Vol 1, pp 225-230, Wellington, New Zealand. (6 pages)

CLEGG,B., 1983a, Application of an Impact Test to Field Evaluation of Marginal Base Course Material. Proc 3rd Int Conf Low Volume Roads, Arizona, Trans Res Record 898 TRB, Washington DC, USA. (8 pages)

CLEGG,B., 1983b, Design Compatible Control of Basecourse Construction. ARRB, ARR 13(2), Melbourne, Australia. (11 pages)


CLEGG,B., 1976, Application of the Impact Meter to Base and Sub-base Evaluation in Indiana. Dept Civil Eng, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA. (16 pages)

CLEGG,B., 1977, Field Assessment of the Impact Soil Tester. ARR Report No 76 ARRB, Melbourne, Australia. (39 pages)

CLEGG,B., 1985, Clegg Impact Test Guidelines. Dept Civil Eng, The University of Western Australia, Nedlands, Western Australia. (25 pages or 13 A4 pages with 2 each A5 pages copied to each A4 sheet)

CLEGG,B., 1994, Technical Note 1 - Calculation of Penetration and Elastic Modulus from CIV. Dr Baden Clegg Pty Ltd, Australia. (6 pages)

CLEGG,B., 1995, Technical Note 2 -Hammer Modulus and Application of 20 kg Hammer. Dr Baden Clegg Pty Ltd, Australia. (9 pages)

CLEGG,B., 1997a, Technical Note 3 - Application of the 20 kg Clegg Impact Soil Tester to Evaluation of Flexible Pavements. Dr Baden Clegg Pty Ltd, Australia. (6 pages)

CLEGG,B., 1997b, Technical Note 4 - Clegg Impact Value in Relation to Foundation Bearing Pressure. Dr Baden Clegg Pty Ltd, Australia. (4 pages)


NEWSLETTER 1, July 1986, The First Decade. (1 page)

NEWSLETTER 2, July 1986, Correlation with California Bearing Ratio. (2 pages)

NEWSLETTER 3, Sept. 1986, Compaction Control: Basic Concepts. (5 pages)

NEWSLETTER 4, Oct. 1986, Application to Sports Turf Research. (1 page)

NEWSLETTER 5, March 1987, The Global Scene. (2 pages)

NEWSLETTER 6, March 1988, Testing of Stabilised Materials. (1 page)

NEWSLETTER 7, April 1988, Application to Method Specification for Compaction Control. (2 pages)

NEWSLETTER 8, May 1988, Reference Material. (List of papers, reports, these, newsletter and data held in the library of DR BADEN CLEGG PTY LTD pertaining to or including use of the Clegg Hammer.) (7 pages at present)

NEWSLETTER 9, Feb. 1989, Assessments. (2 pages)

NEWSLETTER 10, Aug. 1992, Trench Reinstatement. (1 page)

NEWSLETTER 11, Dec. 1992, Testing Recreation Turf with the Clegg Impact Soil Tester. (1 page)

NEWSLETTER 12, March 1993, New Model Announced - the Digital Handle Model. (2 pages)

NEWSLETTER 13, Nov. 1993, New Design for the 0.5 kg CIST - the 500GT Model. (1 page)

NEWSLETTER 14, Jan. 1995, Clegg Hammer Modulus (CHM). (1 page)

NEWSLETTER 15, Feb. 1995, Testing of Gravel and Crushed Rock Roads with the 20 kg Cleg Hammer. (1 page)

NEWSLETTER 16, June 1996, ASTM Standard for Clegg Impact Value. (1 page)

NEWSLETTER 17, Feb. 1997, The Second Decade. (1 page)

NEWSLETTER 18, Aug. 1997, Testing of Flexible Road Pavements with the 20 kg Clegg Impact Soil Tester. (1 page)


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