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Customers Beware: If seeking price and availability for new units or for repairs and calibration through another website or company, ensure for your own benefit that you are dealing with an authorised agent or licensed manufacturer who is able to offer genuine parts and service for the Clegg Impact Soil Tester. (And, if they are using the name "Clegg" in conjunction with the Impact Soil Tester in any manner without our permission, please let us know. Thank you.)

The Following Documents are in PDF Format.

Papers by Dr Clegg - (8.2MB)

Technical Notes by Dr Clegg - (2.75MB)

Newletters by Dr Clegg/Dr Baden Clegg Pty Ltd - (4.89MB)

Perth Sand Penetrometer paper of 1965 by Glick and Clegg - (1MB)

Perth Sand Penetrometer paper of 1979 by Clegg - (620KB)



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