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Customers Beware: If seeking price and availability for new units or for repairs and calibration through another website or company, ensure for your own benefit that you are dealing with an authorised agent or licensed manufacturer who is able to offer genuine parts and service for the Clegg Impact Soil Tester. (And, if they are using the name "Clegg" in conjunction with the Impact Soil Tester in any manner without our permission, please let us know. Thank you.)

Real Impact Value – Warning Notice


Wherever, whenever there is evaluation or construction of earthworks, roadworks or airstrips, the Clegg Impact Soil Tester offers quick, useful and convenient soil strength / stiffness and uniformity testing.

Irrespective of meeting a density specification for roadworks* and trench reinstatement, etc, insufficient strength / stiffness can lead to failure, typically if the material is too wet prior to opening to traffic or sealing. One of the uses of the Clegg Hammer is to monitor the improvement in strength / stiffness through drying out so that a certain minimum Clegg value is obtained in order to help prevent such failures as a result of too much moisture, be it residual moisture from the compaction process, flooding, precipitation or groundwater – where, for example, undetected inflow from the shoulders or underground springs can lead to serious problems. The rapid and simple nature of making Clegg Impact Tests allows for large areas to be scanned rapidly by one person. The portable nature of the Clegg Impact Soil Tester allows for testing in remote or difficult to access areas. The non-destructive nature of the method obviates driving rods down into a finished layer which could lead to potholing.

Dr Baden Clegg Pty Ltd, founding director Dr Baden Clegg, was established in 1993 to provide an Information Service for the Clegg Impact Soil Tester, also known as the Clegg Hammer. Core to our company's activities are sales, marketing and manufacturing of the Clegg Hammer along with R&D work regarding the Clegg Hammer and other related soil test equipment.

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Jim Crandell - Manager

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Drop-Hammer Weights: 4.5 kg commonly applied for testing of materials used for earthworks, roadworks, unsealed airstrips; 0.5 kg applicable to testing of sand and sports turf surfaces, e.g. grass tennis courts, golf and bowling greens; 2.25 kg applicable to testing of sand, earthworks and sports turf surfaces, e.g. football grounds; 9.1 and 10 kg applicable to testing the above through a larger zone (in both a horizontal and a vertical direction), 20 kg applicable for testing the running course of flexible pavements or through a larger zone on materials used for earthworks, roadworks, unsealed airstrips.

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